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Promotion & Package


Pre-Marriage check-up programStarting price 3,340 Baht.
Thyroid aberration check-up programStarting price 3,180 Baht.
Varicella Zoster vaccine live programStarting price ..... Baht
Diabtes melitus screening programStarting price 1,720 Baht
Chronic Kidney Disease Screening ProgramStarting price 1,500 Baht.
Venereal disease screening ProgramStarting Price 1,520 Baht.
Diabtes melitus screening programStarting Price .... Baht.
Breast cancer check-up programStarting Price 5,400 Baht.
Ovarain cancer is serious menaceStarting Price 6,100 Baht.
Heart disease screening programStarting Price 2,560 Baht.
Digestive tube and Liver check-up programStarting Price 5,400 Baht.
Work Permit Check-Up ProgramSpecial Price 1,240 Baht.

Please make an appointment before coming in for a check-up as follow  
Contact:  International Marketing of Pattaya City Hospital
Tel: 038-103900 #1512